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Boost your online casino profits with promo tools

Skyrocket Casino Profits

Since operators are restructuring their strategies to prioritise long-term relationships with the audience, the focus is shifting towards player engagement. 1spin4win proposes the ultimate solution of 3 highly effective promo tools designed to:

Attract more users
Retain a loyal player base
Gain more audience trust
Increase betting volume
Boost GGR
Get bespoke offer
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How it works

Universal network promotions and customised campaigns with any promo tool – 1spin4win has both. You choose what suits your online casino best.

Cash & Drops

Let your players enjoy their beloved 1spin4win’s games with extra instant wins dropping randomly on non-winning spins. No additional work for a casino — prizes are automatically added to a player's balance.


Level up the in-game anticipation with the tool, not widely used by other providers. Surprise your players with extra random multipliers of bets in non-winning rounds, directly credited to their balance.

 Free Spins

That’s a classic that everyone loves. Reward your players with in-game Free Spins that appear randomly after non-winning spins across all 1spin4win’s online slots.

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Promo tools that are easy to use

Automated process

Promo tools setup is our responsibility — full service from configuration to crediting rewards — no action required on your part.

Multi-currency support

1spin4win handles a range of fiat and cryptocurrencies, meeting players’ needs worldwide or in your target regions.

Fast and reliable performance

We prioritise hassle-free gameplay, remaining stable on even weak internet connections without freezes or crashes.

Cross-device compatibility

Designed for all devices, 1spin4win’s products ensure player loyalty, allowing gaming anytime and anywhere.

Lingual versatility

We support 7 languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Ukrainian, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Elevate your business profits with our game integration
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Benefit from our marketing options

On top of the promo tools, 1spin4win offers added marketing possibilities to boost retention rates.

Game pre-release

Increase player interest in your online casino with exclusive pre-releases of our new games.

Extra discounts

Get a fixed payout or discount for placing 1spin4win’s titles in your lobby for a specified time.

Free spins

Attract new players with Free Spins in any of our games. Changing the bet levels is an option as well.

Challenges & tournaments

Collect a range of our diverse games to participate in promotions set on your side.

Branded games

Make your casino’s brand even more unique. Create a custom game tailored to your players’ preferences.

Global casinos opting
for our promo tools

Draw inspiration from classics to make your business timeless!
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