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May 23, 2024

Celebrating three years of 1spin4win excellence

In May, 1spin4win achieved a noteworthy milestone by marking the third anniversary since its establishment. To honor this momentous occasion, we engaged in an exclusive interview with Olga Bogdanova, the Art Director at 1spin4win. During our discussion, we delved into the studio's evolution, highlighting key accomplishments over the past three years, recent rebranding efforts, upcoming initiatives, and other significant insights.

As 1spin4win marks its third anniversary, how has the studio progressed over this period?

Over the past three years, our team has witnessed significant development and professional growth. We've deepened our industry knowledge, expanded our market presence, and gained valuable insights into our competitive strengths. Moreover, we've identified areas for enhancement to drive the growth of 1spin4win further and elevate the quality of our products.

What are the team's key accomplishments in the last three years?

Since 1spin4win’s inception in 2021, we have developed over 100 distinct slot games, reflecting our dedication to productivity. This milestone not only showcases our commitment to excellence but also underscores our strategic efforts to enhance performance, expand market presence, improve game quality, and strengthen relationships with our now 400+ partners.

1spin4win recently underwent a rebranding. Could you explain the reasons behind this decision and the philosophy it reflects for the studio?

Our rebranding signifies a major shift in our marketing strategy. As 1spin4win’s portfolio of games expanded and the need for better visibility increased, we noticed a gap in media recognition. We understood the importance of building trust with our future partners and players.

Therefore, our new branding showcases 1spin4win’s identity: a provider with a clear vision for the products we create and a distinct position in the industry. Our core values emphasize practical minimalism, eliminating unnecessary elements, and adhering to traditional principles of slot game production.

The inspiration for 1spin4win's new look draws from the Art Deco style, prominent in the 1920s and 1930s. This style is known for its refined elegance, a perfect reflection of the timeless quality we strive for in our games. This stylistic approach is evident in our updated logo, corporate colors, and redesigned website.

Our rebranding signifies a major shift in our marketing strategy. As 1spin4win’s portfolio of games expanded and the need for better visibility increased, we noticed a gap in media recognition Olga Bogdanova, the Art Director at 1spin4win

Releasing three new games monthly requires a steady stream of ideas. How do you stay inspired and avoid creative blocks?

We're fortunate to avoid creative blocks. At this early stage of 1spin4win’s journey, our achievements inspire us greatly: a 238% annual growth in betting volume and player numbers. This motivates us to launch multiple games each month across diverse themes. Exploring new markets, like entering the LatAm one, provides fresh perspectives that enrich our product development. We deeply analyze data, draw inspiration from global cultures, and harness these insights in our creative process to collaboratively craft innovative and competitive new products.

What are the game production plans? Will 1spin4win introduce new types of games or design concepts, or will it maintain its classic style?

Effective planning is crucial for success, and 1spin4win is poised to unveil exciting new games. We're continually refining game balance across our products, catering to players seeking winning opportunities and an engaging gameplay experience. Thoughtful details in graphics and music aim to leave a lasting impression, reflecting our commitment to quality. Our classic approach to slot production remains our strength, and we have no intention of deviating from it.

This year, we're enhancing our games with the Hold and Win feature, which players find thrilling for its added chances to win. Keep an eye out for our latest titles: Sun Treasure, Lucky Robbery, Golden Joker 100 Hold and Win, Lucky Crown Hold and Win, and more.

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